Saturday, December 6, 2008


My brothers are on each side of Daniel! They are great guys and are a lot of fun to be around. Well they were both down from Wichita Falls hanging Christmas lights for us, slightly after Thanksgiving! Daniel and I agreed to help out our friends that were hosting a Cares Thanksgiving event on Monday night, so I said that I would bring a biggee! Well I forgot that I had to work that day, so I laid it all out for the boys, since they would be home all day. I asked them to put it in the oven around 3:30 so that it would be done by 6:30...easy enough??? Well they did just that but one brother turned on the top oven and the other brother put the turkey in the bottom oven! So needless to say, when I got home around 6:00 on Monday thinking that the turkey should about be done, I thought that it was kind of odd that the house didnt smell like yummy turkey, so thats when I see a raw turkey in the bottom oven....silly silly boys! So the boys ended up coming to help out at the cares event...and all we brought was our smiles and some helping hands!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Terrible Twos...anyone??

So typically if a parent would say to me "oh my child is going through the terrible twos" I would probably laugh it off and not think twice about it. But now that my child is going through the terrible twos...hands down to all the moms out there! This stage of Hannah's life is fun, but also very challenging! Daniel, Hannah and I went to do some Christmas shopping the other day at Toys R Us, and I really think that she threw about 5 tantrums over the silliest! She first starts by no no mama, then comes the screaming and stiffing her whole body, then throwing whatever is in her reach, followed with some more screaming. What do you do in the middle of a store??? So Daniel and I just ignore her and try not to feel every ones eyes on us in the store...But I know we are not the only parents out there going through this with their 2 year old. She tends to get over the tantrums pretty quick, but they are loud! Hannah is a fun, sweet and smart little girl...but she definitely has a case of the terrible twos!! Any medicine out there to cure that???? ha ha!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Hannah banana

I could go on and on about our Hannah! She is 20 months and full of sooo much sugar and a lot of spice! She is absolutely not a boring little girl! She gives her mommy and daddy sweet little kisses and hugs...what can be better then that! Hannah loves to watch Winnie the Pooh and absolutely loves to read books! Shes completely into singing fun little songs...among her favorites are "the itsy bitsy spider", "the wheels on the bus", and "bahh bahh black sheep"!

She is our sweet, little clairebear!

Lil bit about us

Daniel was born and raised in Austin, Tx. He has 1 brother and 1 sister...definetly the middle child! He was the one that was always on the go, whether it be with sports, church or hanging with his friends. Daniel was huge into baseball when he was in highschool and ended up getting to play baseball in college. That didnt last too long, for some reason he forgot that he had to actually go, not just play baseball! go figure! But God just led him in a different direction...the car business in Dallas...and thats a whole different blog.

I was born in Olympia, Wa and raised in practically the whole United States! My parents separated when I was about 4. I lived with my mom for a while then with my dad. We traveled around a lot! I always remember drifting to sleep staring at the stars as my dad was driving us to some other town...very nice views of the stars and moon! A very long way down the future of my life I landed in Dallas, Tx where I struggled to find myself! And in finding myself God led me to find Daniel!

Daniel completely swept me off of my feet! I had never known love like this! And he had never met anyone like me! We knew we were put together by God instantly! We met on August 28th, 2003, dated, got engaged and married on August 21st, 2004! We absolutely didnt waste any time! We are so much more in love now then we ever were before...the I love you even though you leave your dirty socks everywhere or I love you even though you make me watch girlie shows when the cowboys are playing, kind of love!